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October 24, 2005

AAOM Conference: Innovation and Tradition

Innovation and Tradition indeed. The 2005 AAOM conference in Chicago was a definite success in many ways. Acupuncturist's came together and through both traditional methods of open discussion, and innovative methods like touchpad real-time opinion voting attempted to forecast the future of our medicine, our practice, and our profession.

Much on the round table revolved around both the future goals of the AAOM and even more so the upcoming Doctorate. Should there be one doctorate nationally recognized as a first-degree, or should their be a separate doctorate on top of the masters? Should their be a goal of national reciprocity with the degree or should CA maintain it's own standard as usual?

There is a lot to be reported on including the formation of a national fertility board (ABORM), a final formation of a Student chapter of the AAOM, and a call to the profession to figure out the next 5 years.

Give me a day or two to put it all down in legible type (aside from building the ABORM website and putting together a national student caucus list).


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