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October 27, 2005

AAOM Re-cap: The formation of the American Board of Oriental Reproductive Medicine

Although ABORM had pretty much already been formed, spear headed by Ray Rubio, L.Ac., DAOM and Martin_Herbkersman, L.Ac., O.M., this gave all us fertility followers to speak about what we'd like to see from a fertility board, and what it would take to achieve certification ...

Though I sat in my chair extremely excited about the new fertility board (mostly to show the founders my website ideas), I was somewhat concerned as to whether or not I was 'smart enough' to be either on the board itself, or simply be part of it's formation. Even after dealing with a greater than 50% patient load of just fertility work, traveling to fertility clinics and talking to Reproductive Endocrinologists, I didn't even know if I could pass a certification exam. Apparently everyone else felt the same way.

All anyone could talk about was "I don't know all this stuff, don't take away my business by saying I'm not as cool as you." The other big thing was "I'll help if you grandfather me in." Everyone was afraid that their former niche practices would no longer be in their own control.

In the end, good sense did prevail. The creation of this board will most certainly raise the bar of our knowledge, and from our own volition, not the will of an outside source. This will be inclusive, educating as well as certifying. After the proposed 2 year probable time period for all this to get started, the board founders and first inductees will all gain a great amount of knowledge into the western science of fertility, as well as the appropriate herbal and Acupuncture treatments to go with it. Then, both RE's and us Fertility wonks, will know who they can safely turn to when their patients ask for referrals. Additionally, we can hopefully spawn more research into an exciting field.

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