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October 03, 2005

AOM Day is October 24th, 2005

AOM Day. Who'd a thunk it. I'd never heard of national chiropractic day, or national massage day, but apparently Acupuncture is cooler than these things. I've tried for the past 2 years to come up with ways to celebrate/use AOM Day for my practice in some way and I always fell short.

Then I found the AOM Day website that had a fun listing of what everyone else was doing in your state. Granted, I still haven't come up with anything. I can't offer free Acupuncture cause you need a referral in PA (hopefully not for long), and I have no space in my office to run a lecture. Maybe next year.

Update: I couldn't figure out why the pic I had here wasn't loading until I realized that within the last week the AOM day org re-did their website (to look mighty spiffy I might add). Unfortunately, they took away all the cool info on what everyone is doing...lame.

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