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June 26, 2006

Acupuncture in a Pill

A friend forwarded me this link from 2004 but I've never even heard of it till now. Apparently a Singaporean company called Moleac is using Migraine patients who benefit from Acupuncture to determine the molecular changes that are caused by Acupuncture. Then, they'll use some biomolecular mojo to put the same effect into a pill that you can just take by mouth. Back in 2004 they planned to have it understood by 2006, and in production by 2014.

The company currently has 2 products: one for strokes and one for smoking cessation. I have no idea how it is they're doing this. Click above and read through the company's site...it's crazy!

Posted by Admin at June 26, 2006 01:14 PM


i think the idea is wonderful.the Acupuncture has the effect but few of us can well understand ,we need more research and know wht.

Posted by: JOHN at August 17, 2006 03:44 AM

I think the point here, JOHN, is that some group is claiming that a practice which acts upon the structural meridians of the body can be enacted in a purely chemical manner. That is, unless, they plan on using some advanced level of nanotechnology that hasn't been developed in any scientific field as of yet. Sounded like complete snakeoil as I read through the site. Acupuncture diverts electrical and chemical responses of the body by physically being in place in as many a multitude of combinations as are necessary for any slew of symptoms at the moment of application...so any pill, if purely chemical "acupuncture"(sounds like herbology/pharmaceuticals?), would have a very narrow set of effects. This is troublesome seeing as how so even just one symptom can have so many various roots. This company would need a catalog of products as extensive as the whole of TCM to replace acupuncture. Consider my point about the structurally diverting nature of acupuncture needles and you may come to the conclusion "pill-form acupuncture" is complete hokum. It's like say you can get a deep tissue massage from a pill. Or just a massage on the right side of your face, or just your hand, and from only a pill. Ludicrous.
I think these listed research doctors are riding their investor's ignorance to the bank.

Posted by: Mike at February 9, 2007 12:48 PM