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July 05, 2007

Danish Study Claims Alternative therapies cut IVF fertility rates and other hogwash

In what may possibly take the cake as one of the most irresponsible clinical studies I have ever seen, a Danish journal pieced together the IVF results of any patient who underwent ANY form of Alternative Therapy and found that their fertility rates dropped by 30%. Article Here

From the article: Among users, 55 per cent went to reflexologists, half took herbal medicines, 19 per cent had acupuncture and seven per cent used homeopathy. (So why the heck does this article have Acupuncture on the cover and not a reflexologist!)

Women in this group had more fertility treatment – an average of 2.4 cycles. After 12 months 45 per cent had achieved a pregnancy.

Those who only used conventional medicine had an average of 1.9 cycles of IVF, but 66 per cent got pregnant during the study.

Also: She admitted the study may simply have shown that those resorting to using such therapies had been having seeking medical help for fertility problems for longer and had worse prognosis.

You think! If I were any Acupuncturist who work in places that publish this study I'd write a letter to the editor about how much crap this study is.

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