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July 27, 2005

First School in PA accepting it's first students for Master's Program

The Won Institute in Glenside, PA is opening it's doors come September for the first ever Masters degree program in the state of PA. It is also the first Acupuncture school in the state, given that up until 2 years ago, Pennsylvania had a law banning non-licensed needling. Not only did this mean no student could needle, but no one from out of state could either.

The Philly Weekly picked up on the story here, with a quote from our hard working President of the APA Ben Griffith.

Unlike many of my colleagues, I actually welcome the soon to be competition. The more there are, the more popular it's going to get. And if friend's of mine in Vermont can do okay in places that have populations of less than 10,000, then by god there's plenty of room for Acupuncturist's in the 5th most popular city in the country.

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