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December 05, 2005

New Journal Entry: Ghost Syndromes

A paper submitted by Sherri B. Green. A new journal entry, and very interesting paper on 5 Element theory and treatments, relating to Sun Si Miao's Ghost Points.

Excerpt: 'As a student of Five-Element Acupuncture the study of possession and the seven dragons for seven devils protocol for treating demonic possession or what some practioners refer to as energetic blocks of emotional fixation. Treatment of possession is emphasized in Classical Five-Element Acupuncture because it does not allow the treatment of other ailments before the removal of this block. The colorful and mythical name of possession and its acupuncture treatment protocol has lead me to the study of the thirteen ghost points and what I refer here to as the ghost syndrome. Ghost Syndromes are a group of symptoms that can be associated with mania, fright and schizophrenia.'

Article Here

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