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March 07, 2006

The Sluggishness of the Media

I'm always shocked at how long it takes for the media to pick up on stuff. I reported months ago about the BMJ study that cited Acupuncture can help with Migraines, whether sham or real. Now it looks like Reuturs, ABC, and Fox News (Yes i hate Fox News but they have a really open-minded health staff...wish the rest of the staff was like them) are finally doing their homework and getting the word out. Do Acupuncturists just have a really bad media generating engine. There should be a crack team out there sending these studies to the media outlets as soon as they come out. After all, these are basically public service announcements.

For example, recently we've been mulling the idea of billboard advertising in Philadelphia to let the public know that if they're in an Auto Accident or were injured under Workman's Compensation, Acupuncture is covered 100% by the insurance carrier. It's mandatory in the state of Pennsylvania. Unfortunately, neither people nor doctors know this and thus don't get referred. This is both a ton of business, and a ton of people with REAL issues who need help.

Posted by Admin at March 7, 2006 04:00 PM