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February 11, 2006

Wins and Losses Going to the Legislature

Michigan Acupuncture Registration Act! Michigan SB-351 has passed the state senate and is heading to Governor Granholm's desk! Finally Michigan will have a registration act. For those of you who live in Michigan, take advantage of the AAOM's automatic letter writer where you type in your message and it gets sent directly to the Governor's office. Great system. Click Here

New Jersey's legislative update was scuttled by none other...wait for it...the New Jersey Medical Acupuncturists. Why you ask? Hard to say. Among the highlights contained in the legislation were provisions that would allow Acupuncturists to see a patient without a referral or diagnosis, add herbs, tuina and shiatsu into their scope, and officially have licensure and be able to be called L.Ac.'s. In the law's place would be the holy grail of Acupuncture: Advise and Consent. This magical duo is simply to advise your patients about the importance of consulting a licensed physician about their condition, and having patients sign a form indicating that the acupuncturist provided them with that advice. Glorious. But no. Medical Acupuncture gets in the way. What kills me is that the damn bill was already out of committee and just about ready to be voted on.

If you couldn't tell, I'm a little mad. For those of you who sympathize with Medical Acupuncturist's, I offer you my heartfelt two finger salute.

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