Schools of Acupuncture & Oriental Medicine

You gotta love choices so that is exactly what I am giving you. You can view this list in two forms. The first is alphabetical. The second is also alphabetical, but listed by state since I know how big a factor location is for picking a school. Note: For updated information on ACAOM accredidation or candidacy please check their website at

How to Choose A School

Choosing a school is not an easy thing. For me it was all about geography. I just looked up every school available that was on the east coast and that narrowed it down to three (I believe there are five now). Then I visited each. However for those living in the west or south it isn't that easy. Below are the results of the Acupuncture School Survey from 2003-04. This will give you some idea as to how students feel about their schools. This is not the end all type of survey, just something to give you ideas or what to look for.

The Acupuncture Schools Survey Results Are In!
Finally we get to give the schools a report card instead of the other way around. There is an in depth look at almost every question from the survey and how individual schools ranked for each question. So Click Here!

So here are my two cents about choosing. Call the schools, visit the web sites I have linked on my Schools page and check over them thoroughly. Ask yourself some questions. Do they offer a masters program? How long have they been educating students and how long have they been accredited? Who are the teachers, how long have they been practicing, and how long have they been teaching? Are they focused on a specific style of acupuncture or oriental medicine? Do they offer an herbal program and is it certified? Do they offer other forms of study (i.e., Japanese Acupuncture, Tui Na, Massage, Western Medicine, etc.) Do you need a BA or is it an out of high school kind of place? Does it have a campus or is it just a floor in a building? Resources are important, so see if they are associated with another school or college. Do they have a clinic and what kind of clinical opportunities are offered when you are at that part of your education.

On that note, pick the ones you really like. Then VISIT THEM!!! Of course make sure you schedule your interview that day too so you don't have to fly somewhere twice. Sit through a class. Look around you. Is this environment the type closest to your learning style? Is everyone around you twice your age or half? Now if that isn't enough to give you months to think about I don't know what will. Oh yeah...and make sure you like the place it's in. Don't all of a sudden realize you hate being in the city or in the boonies.