TCM Software

As of now I have been able to find a small number of acupuncture related software, mostly for the PC. Some are just for students and some are actually helpful to the professional with the inclusion of patient related services. Click on the image for ordering information. They are in alphabetical order of title (so no company accuses me of favoritism). If you know of any more, or if you would like to send me reviews for me to post, email me.

AcuBase 2.001
AcuBase 2.001 - Acubase comes from the people at Trigram Software. They have created a combination reference guide and practice management software to be used by practitioners. The reference section holds information in database form of points, herbs (single herbs, patents & regular formulas), TCM theory material. In addition, it has a practice management section that contains patient information databases, billing forms, a system for keeping inventory and vendor information for patent herbs. It's very simple and allows you to modify the information in the reference section to your own knowledge. It comes for both Macs and PCs, and runs 199$ new, or 99$ if you already own their software and need to upgrade.

Acubase 2.01
AcuPartner - AcuPartner appears to be software meant for both student and practitioner as a good reference. It is divided into sections with point information, maps and images, along with basic info on the organs, syndromes and disorders. This seems cool because it goes by both syndrome and disease, and it gives you good point combinations for both. The graphics are 2d but still good. No practice management software included. Both web based and downloadable demo are available at their site. The cost is 229$ and is for windows only.

AcuPartner 2000
AcuScalp - AcuScalp comes from a company called Archibel Medical Software. They make both the AcuScalp and AcuVision. This software is a database which boasts of more than one hundred diseases and how to treat, video's, pictures, and illustrations, 3 different approaches to the theory, along with all the literature and theory on the subject. They also claim that it is "web-able" but I couldn't figure out what that meant. I believe it simply means it has hyperlinks in the software. In addition, after several attempts I couldn't even find out how to get it or how much the software costs.

AcuVision - This looks to be an action packed software geared toward use in a clinical setting. It contains a slew of theory and syndrome based literature. Its main feature, though, is its ability to basically tell you what the pattern is you need to treat and what points to select. It contains a huge database of symptoms, of which you pick and choose, then it tells you what pattern the greatest number of the symptoms fit into. Computerized TCM. You gotta love it. The software has a demo that they email you, and again no finding on price or availability but definitely worth checking out.

Client Tracker
Client Tracker - This is practice focused Acu software by Gingko Software built to help manage your practice. It allows you to do billing, appointments, medical histories (including uploading pics of tongues!) and even a small measure of marketing. It's pretty user friendly and can even help keep track of some of your bookkeeping. The product works well on both Mac and PC and costs $275.

Client Tracker
Complete Acupuncture
Complete Acupuncture - This software package contains a mix of features which includes the array of references to the acupoints and basic theories. Additionally, it contains a slew (534 exactly) of case studies and a video demonstrations from someone named Dr. Wei Liu. It also emphasizes an auricular acupuncture guide that is in depth with graphics and a study of 100 illnesses specifically treated with auricular acupuncture. I have only seen this one on Amazon so click on the image to the left to see it. It runs 50$ and is for Windows only.

Complete Acupuncture
Qpuncture - This software is targeted to students mostly for going through the rigors of oriental medical school and preparing for the NCCAOM. Its biggest advantage are its rather attractive 3D images of most points and sections of the body. Some even have 3D panoramic shots of what the needle looks like inserted into a particular point. In addition, it contains tons of TCM theory and illness references for both TCM conditions as well as western medical diagnosis (no herbs though). Their site has some interesting examples of their 3D animations. Currently they are selling it for 159$. It is available for Windows only.

Qpuncture II
Qpuncture II - The people from Qpuncture are back and they claim to be better than ever. Qpuncture II builds off of the beautiful 3d animation of the original and adds just a bit more. First it includes herbal information including formulas and pictures of the herbs. It also includes pics of tongue diagnosis and pulse. Finally, they added patient management software which seems good but it is just the basics (ptnt management is not included with the mac version for some odd reason). For windows and mac both, and costs 299$.

Shen Professional
Shen Professional - This is from a company in Germany that has tried to put together a very comprehensive program meant mainly for the practitioner. This software tries to do it all for you in a neat way. You go through and select all the sympotms the person is presenting with. It then counts them up and gives you the list in order of which diagnosis should be most appropriate based on the number of symptoms. Unlike some others that do this it even breaks it up into stem and branch which emphasizes some symptoms over others. The interface is a little clunky but the info is good. It includes point tables, point charts, tcm references, billing software, and more. For Windows only. Cost is 199$ but there is the key free demo to check it out.

Shen Pro
TCM Windows /Pro/Pro+
TCM Windows - It is hard to tell the quality of this software as their site is not so informative. The software seems to combine reference material, study tools, and practice management. The level of practice management goes up as you go to Pro and Pro+ but so does the price. They software claims to be a fully searchable database of all herbs, formulas, point combinations, diseases, syndromes, and point tables. The images seem 2d but again hard to tell. The pro version does billing and record keeping. The Pro+ version is for machines solely with that software on it, in other words it runs the software, patient management, scheduling, inventory and word processing. All are available for PC and Macs. TCM Windows is 199$, Pro is 299$, and Pro+ is 799$.

TCM Windows
Zhangmen - A group from the Netherlands came out with this one and since it is version 8.0 I would assume they have been through a few versions already. This is a reference guide which is in database form (which means it's changeable). It contains in depth info on all the points, herbs, microsystems and pulse and tongue diagnosis. The images are a little pixely but not too bad. It seems like they just tried to jam in as much info as possible on this one. The software also contains an interesting search function and data module that can be added (for a fee). The site actually offers a free demo. It runs on Windows only. The cost is 129$ if you download it from their site or 169$ for a cd-rom (incentive to save!). Additionally if you can prove that you are a student you can get it for 100$ (download version only) which is excellent.