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South Carolina

There are currently 73 licensed practitioners in South Carolina
Ms. Annette Disher
Department of Labor, Licensing and Regulation
Board of Medical Examiners 110 Centerview Dr. Suite 202
P.O. Box 11289
Columbia, SC 29211-1289

MD's, dentists, and D.O.'s can practice acupuncture with no additional training.

Eligibility Requirements: None specified

Examination Requirements: an applicant must be NCCAOM certified.

Referral Requirements: Acupuncturists can practice under the supervision of any of the above listed licensed professionals, provided the treatment takes place in a state approved facility. The physician or dentist shall must be immediately available or present at the site to attend to any unexpected, adverse effects. The supervising doctor or dentist shall submit proof of special training in acupuncture or specific knowledge about acupuncture treatments.