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Welcome to my favorite part of the site. The real info. Here is where I want you to find everything you are gonna need to get you through that tough point location exam or that tough patient in clinic whose condition you never saw in your pathology class. To your right are links to easy reference charts and tables which a few friends and I put together. If I do this right, I don't want you to ever have to open a book for reference purposes ever again. Just sit with your browser, pop open three or four windows, and chug away. Let me know if there is anything up there I am missing.

Below are different things that will increase your knowledge base and challenge you; textbook like chapters with explanations of the basic styles of treatment, cases, practice exams for point location, etc. Here is also where I hope you can help me make the site better by submitting information that has helped you in some way. If you have interesting cases that you have had success with, old exams that teachers won't use anymore, or anything else that will expand a student's knowledge, I can post it in a flash.

Acupuncture Theory

Right or wrong I have placed all the information regarding the theory of each style of medicine under Acupuncture Styles on the left side bar and here below. For an overview go to the Styles page.

Test Yourself

After reading through both my theory pages and your own texts, now it's time to see what you have learned. Here are some exams that I have created specifically for this site. Each question varies in difficulty and there is not that much of an order to them so you better be ready. If you have old exams you would like to share or questions you think might be good to add to an exam, hit that link to email me above to add to the collection.

In a feat that I don't have the coding skill to do, there is a site ( that has absolutely awesome tests that even score you per exam on how well you are doing. They include most of the points and even extra stuff like five elements and theory. Check it out... Tests Here.

Case Studies

Right now I only have a few categories for cases because I am working off of the ones I have seen and some that teachers have given us. Click the email link above to send me more.

Currently Under Construction.
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