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Acupuncture Point Tables

Here are some point tables including info on indications, locations, use summaries, and functions. You will notice a number of stars next to each point varying from 1-4. This is how I learned the points, with the 4 stars being most important and the 1 stars being local or never used points. You can also find the contraindications of points in the point needling tables.

I would like to give much appreciation and thanks to Seth Goodwin, Lic.Ac. who sat in class and took diligent notes and put the indication and location tables together. The information comes with permission from classes taught by Amy Hull, Lic Ac. & Diane Iuliano, Lic Ac. (two great teachers and practitioners). In addition the locations and the needling style and depths are straight from CAM (Chinese Acupuncture & Moxibustion, Edited by Cheng Xinnong- the NCCAOM standard).