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June 29, 2005

OCOM to graduate it's first Doctoral class July 10th!

Oregon College of Oriental Medicine will graduate its first class in July and produce the first true clinical Doctors of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine. First of all, I think this is great news. It is most certainly a step in the right direction.

My point of contention, is why isn't this the entry level for every school in the country? Acupuncturist's have the longest program of study, equivalent to the hours of a medical doctor, and all they end up with is a Master's degree. Why is it only enough for a masters and not enough for a DAOM all on its own? Should we have to have an extra year, making most programs 5 years? or should we work to change the current standards, keeping it a 4 year program, and completing the DAOM?

What say all of you?

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June 23, 2005

Study shows efficacy of Acupuncture for treating Dry Mouth

A study printed in the June issue of General Dentistry showed that weekly Acupuncture can greatly reduce long-term symptoms of Xerostomia (med-speak for dry mouth). You can actually download the article from the link above.

The most interesting part is the treatment protocol. Only 3 points in the ear and 1 point in the hand were used. In the ear, they needled Shen Men, Pt Zero, and Salivary Gland 2, as well as LI 1. Notice the odd location of Large Intestine 1 in the images.

Update: Found the original study related to this from 2001 that seems to first layout the protocol used in the AGD study: Link.

It is still unclear where they come up with the idea. A correction, LI2 is the actual point, not LI1.

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June 22, 2005

Overweight Thai Cops ordered to lose weight or get stuck!

This is just hilarious. What's funnier is that the Associated Press actually picked up on it. Bangkok's metro police bureau issued a notice saying that if your waist size is over 40 inches, you best lose that weight or else. Apparently the or else is they'll force Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine on you to make you lose weight. I seriously don't know if this is good or bad press for us: Link.

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June 20, 2005

Keep the Donation's Coming

You guys have been great, but there's a way to go. Donations are trickling in to keep this site afloat without ads. I can't thank you all enough. We're not done yet, though. At this rate I'm just about making enough per month to keep this up, but I'd love to just reach our goal and be done with it (not bugging you lovely people again till next year).

So if you haven't donated already, click here

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June 15, 2005

Acupuncture Schools Survey - Take 2

For those who weren't around, from 2003-2004 I ran a survey of current and former Acupuncture students, asking them to rate their learning institutions. The survey was a 30 part questionnaire taking into account things such as experience of instructors, to school and clinic facilities, to practice management learning. Most importantly, I had students quantify how they would rate their schools. After about 300 responses, I posted the results with a very large caveat that this wasn't the most scientifically done survey of schools.

I ranked the schools from 1-21 and then took into account some info I received from the schools on requirements and board passing averages and made up a top 5. To date there have been absolutely NO valid surveys done to gauge which schools are "better" than others. In my mind, no web-based survey will ever be truly statistically significant, but I feel that it has its place in showing propsective students general ideas of what students think of their schools.

Before I begin the next survey, I'd like to ask you all for ideas, comments, and possible questions and wording to add to the 2005 survey. Also, how would you like each question rated for importance.

Post your thoughts in the comments below!

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Ion Pumping Cords

For those of you familiar with Japanese styles of Acupuncture, the Ion Pumping Cord is one of your best friends. What if someone told you that Ions can't travel through wires, only electrons can? What if someone said that the diode within the two cords you generally use may have completely different level of resistance or may simply not work at all?

Well that's what Craig Houchen's website is saying. This site looks old, but the info is interesting nonetheless. Craig lays out some schematics on how a diode is supposed to work, and how it might on the body. He gives some good basic electronics lectures to prove his point.

Being someone who knows dangerously little about the topic, I can't verify or refute his findings: Link

This is very reminiscent of the recent study finding most electro-acupuncture machines produce completely different stimulation levels.

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June 13, 2005

Updated School Listings

Thanks to naturaldoc I've run a new update on all the schools, their web sites, and accredidation info. If you get a chance take a look at your school, and make sure the information is correct. If not, post something in the comments below.

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June 10, 2005

Recent News on Colorado studies for IVF and Acupuncture

God I hate quoting an article from the evil empire of Fox News, but they managed to put together a good article on the recent studies done by Acupuncturists and Reproductive Endocrinologists in Colorado on In-Vitro Fertilization.

I was at the symposium where they presented and it's interesting to note that their numbers do not exactly match the German Study by Wolfgang Paulus. The positive pregnancy rates were not nearly 15% higher with Acupuncture pre and post embryo transfer. However, live birth rates and healthier children are definitely produced at a higher rate with it.

Fox News article: Link

You can read some excerpts from the actual studies presented at Lorne Brown's website:

Acupuncture and Good Prognosis IVF Patients
Acupuncture and IVF Poor Responders

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Scientists warn of increased Heart Attack risk with Ibuprofen

The British Medical Journal reported a study claiming that chronic Ibuprofin users have an extra 1 in 1000 chance of having a heart attack. Though small, it is mildly daunting, particularly with the recent veering away from the Cox-2 drugs. What caught my eye was that one of the docs in the article said instead they would recommend more Acupuncture and PT. Boston Globe article: Link

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June 07, 2005

To Facial Acupuncture or not to Facial Acupuncture?

So in my constant new search for cool updates and articles on Acupuncture, I came across this article, talking about a British practitioner and her success with facial acupuncture. In the article she sites that "90% of 300 clients showed firmer muscles and a brighter complexion." Now I would love to see the research on this, cause as far as I can tell, there is none.

Even Dr. Andrew Weil, that nutty old Arizonian who is normally a humongous proponent of Acupuncture, says that he doesn't think you'll see lasting results with it.

Being in practice for the past few years, I have gotten literally hundreds of emails and snail mail for seminars and courses on facial acupuncture. And I must say that the whole thing just sounds like a sketchy medi-spa snake oil (but a fabulous way to make money). Sure you can "brighten the face" by tonifying qi and shen, but will it really make the skin grow more taught? The scientist in me just isn't convinced.

Poll: Where do you all stand with this?

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June 02, 2005

Donate! Keep this site ad free.

You'll notice something missing on the new site: those annoying, blinking, advertisements. I'm sick of them, and I imagine so are you. So here's what I propose. If you can take up the cost of this site's maintenance for a year, than I'll keep the advertisers at bay.

It costs me about $2500 a year to pay for hosting, traffic and about 2 hours a week of upkeep and design for the new site. I've taken a page from the old Howard Dean bat and applied it to keeping away banner ads. If we reach the top of that needle you will never see an advertisement appear on this site again. I'm not asking for large donations. If every professional (the ones with the jobs already) gave just $5 and the students gave $3 we'd be all set for 2-3 years!

To go to the donation page, click here

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British Home Office Taking Heat for Offering Inmates Acupuncture

Apparently, some Bristol correctional facility offers Acupuncture to its inmates to calm anxiety, depression, and to treat chronic pain and drug dependency. This has caused an uproar apparently for victim support groups who claim that it's a waste of NHS money and it's a luxury, not a medical necessity. Guardian article here: Link

This is an interesting twist on the common argument over treatment versus incarceration for prisoners. If you can use treatment for drug detox and even to curb sociopathic disorders (be it with Acupuncture or anything else), wouldn't that be something worth investing in for true "rehabilitation". Otherwise you're just paying for that prisoner's room and board for 5-45 years hoping the hard life of prison will make them regret their actions and somehow learn to be more "normal" members of society.

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