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May 13, 2009

Acupuncture and Sham Acupuncture Beat Traditional Allopathic Care for Low Back Pain

200905131231.jpgA four arm study published in the Archives of Internal Medicine 2009;169(9):827 showed that Acupuncture and supposed Sham Acupuncture were more than twice as effective as usual care. A total of 638 adults with chronic low back pain were randomized to individualized acupuncture (using TCM diagnosis), standardized acupuncture (same protocol for all), simulated acupuncture, or usual care.

Results from the study: At 8 weeks, mean dysfunction scores for the individualized, standardized, and simulated acupuncture groups improved by 4.4, 4.5, and 4.4 points, respectively, compared with 2.1 points for those receiving usual care (P < .001). Participants receiving real or simulated acupuncture were more likely than those receiving usual care to experience clinically meaningful improvements on the dysfunction scale (60% vs 39%; P < .001). Symptoms improved by 1.6 to 1.9 points in the treatment groups compared with 0.7 points in the usual care group (P < .001). After 1 year, participants in the treatment groups were more likely than those receiving usual care to experience clinically meaningful improvements in dysfunction (59% to 65% vs 50%, respectively; P = .02) but not in symptoms (P > .05).

Here's what you won't read in the abstract, that was found in this Time Magazine Article. The supposed "sham" group used toothpicks tapped through guide tubes to simulate Acupuncture.

A little history of Acupuncture. Back 2000-3000 years ago bian stones (or sharp rocks) and bamboo slivers (aka toothpicks) were used to stimulate the Acupuncture points because they didn't have needles. This study design essentially compared Ancient vs Modern Acupuncture, not Acupuncture and 'Sham'.

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May 10, 2009

Success of Acupuncture in Asthma Treatment

A study published in the Journal of Biomedical Science examines the effectiveness of treatment in via gene expression in rodents.

The study shows the effectiveness of acupuncture treatment in the early activation response (EAR) phase. The study also suggests that the gene expression of immune response and steroid hormone may play an important role in the treatment.

Abstract: Journal of Biomedical Science May 6, 2009

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May 04, 2009

Alternative Medicine in Health Care Reform

This week, during President Barack Obama's 100 day Town Hall meeting in Missouri question and answer period, Mr. Obama was asked by a licensed acupuncturist his thoughts on alternative medicine's role in health care.

Mr. Obama replied simply -

"Well, look, my attitude is that we should -- we should do what works. So I think it is pretty well documented through scientific studies that acupuncture, for example, can be very helpful in relieving certain things like migraines and other ailments or at least as effective as more intrusive interventions."

"I will let the science guide me."

"...as we're going through health care reform, let's find out what works. I think one basic principle that we know is that the more we do on the prevention side, the more we can obtain serious savings down the road."

A complete transcript of the meeting can be found at the link below.

Transcript: realclearpolitics.com April 29, 2009

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