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March 12, 2013

Dragon and Tiger Fighting Manipulation Better Than Plain Needle Insertion

Following up on the recent study proving deqi vs not was better for Bell's Palsy, this study showed that a particular technique (dragon-tiger fighting needling) was better than plain insertion (and PT) for non-specific low back pain.

Ninety cases divided into a dragon-tiger fighting needling group, a uniform reinforcing-reducing needling group and an intermediate frequency physiotherapy group with 30 cases in each one. The dragon and tiger fighting method involves alternately rotating the needle to the left nine times and rotating the acupuncture needle to the right six times. The clinical curative rate was 30.0% (9/30), 23.3% (7/30) and 16.7% (5/30), respectively. In comparison, the clinical efficacy in the dragon-tiger group stood out.

This study needs way more patients, and possibly a meta-analysis on technique specific methods before being truly done well.

PubMed | HealthCMI

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