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March 28, 2013

So Called Auriculotherapy Ineffective to Stop Smoking

A study published by the family medicine board looked at using an electric stim device known as the Stim Flex 400a applied to ear points for the purposes of reducing smoking habits. The device has probes like a typical e-stim devices point finder. An acupuncturist trained nurses to use the device on an unspecified series of points for 20 mins. The methods section of this paper left a lot to be desired as it neither listed points, how long each point was 'stimulated' for, and the degree or amplitude of stimulation. At one point in the paper it noted that the machine does not generally produce a current that is detectable by humans.

Needless to say, the study had two groups where there was a double blinded setup, one with real stim and the other with the actual stim function broken on the machine. In the end, they noticed no significant difference between groups in terms of number of cigarettes smoked or duration of abstinence from smoking.

Though possibly proving ear acupuncture isn't as effective for smoking as we've all thought, this study design left too many variables for that statement to be made.

Journal of American Board of Family Medicine

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