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Get Listed

Getting listed in our directory is both simple and inexpensive. A yearly listing in our directory is only $10. This includes a link to your practice web page, email address, your specialties, and even a map so others know exactly where you are. This will make it extremely easy for both patients and other Acupuncturists to find you, not to mention boost your Google and search engine rankings.

Not cheap enough, you say? Fine. If you can prove that you are a member of either the AAOM, AOM, or your statewide Acupuncture association, I'll drop the price to only $5. Alternatively, I'll also give you the $5 option if you can show me a link on your web page to either tcmstudent or my practice web page. (Sorry, no double coupons for doing both)

So why is it so cheap? For me it's extremely easy, and the more we get to know each other the better we all are. The more we support our national organizations, the better off our entire profession will be.