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You may not have figured it out yet, but TCM Student will soon be the greatest source for informed Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine news, opinions, and reference information on the web. Coming in the fall I will be joined by more authors/writers providing both opinion and interviews with leaders in the field of Oriental medicine and allopathic medicine.

After four years of running this site off of revenue from advertisements, I decided to take a new turn. Make the site better, and make it free all at the same time. Yes I do in fact know I'm crazy. Nonetheless, the cost of hosting the site and paying for the bandwidth has not changed. Instead of pasting flashing banners and google ads all over I'd rather rely upon the generosity of like minded Acupuncturists and students who can recognize a good thing when they see one...and of course throw money at it.

Please click the link below and donate to keep this site running and ad free. If only a quarter of all the Acupuncture students out there donated just $5, I'd be running the site for the rest of my life. The links below will take you to Paypal where you can donate using any major credit card. Donations as low as $1 are accepted.

This will also work as a donor list page, so please donate and join everyone below for supporting TCM Student and the OM community on the web. Acupuncture Philanthropists (those donating $25 or more) will also enjoy a link to their practice web page, helping them generate web traffic and better search engine rankings (simply include the link in the comments box of the Paypal payment page).

Suggested Donations | Students $5 | Practitioner $10 | Acupuncture Philanthropist $25

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