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Why Does Excessive Sex Lead to Disease?
By Zheng Younil

We are born with Qi widespread in the Nature and Universe. Qi is a vital power in the body and mind. Microscopically, we are a small universe. Our body's main energy sources are made up of four elements in the light of holistic medicine. These elements are Semen , Blood , Qi , and Spirit. Generally speaking, the order of formation is as such: Semen > Blood > Qi > Spirit. Of course, these four elements can be interchangeable and inseparable among themselves.

Semen has two sources. One is what we inherited from our parents. The other is what we obtain from foods we eat everyday. Semen can not only be stockpiled in our kidney but also be secreted when our other respective internal organs need it or when we have intercourse with our spouse. Physiologically, semen can be transformed to Blood, Qi , or Spirit through metabolism in our body. Semen and blood are visible. On the contrary, Qi and Spirit are invisible and can only be felt by our sixth sense. Speaking figuratively, Semen and Blood are to red wine what Qi and Spirit are to white wine. White wine is more expensive and higher in calories than red wine. Likewise, Qi and Spirit are more precious and difficult to be made than Semen and Blood.

Why is Qi so important?

Qi is very important for our body metabolism for these reasons;

  1. It heats up our internal organs and makes them function well. For example, it circulates our Blood through our heart and stores Blood in the liver.
  2. It regulates our body fluid's balance and excretes dampness formed by useless fluid in the course of metabolism in the form of feces and urine. So lack of Qi caused by exhaustion of semen by excessive sex accumulates dampness in our body which can lead to obesity.
  3. It also passes through our internal meridians, which control our body's whole network system. It is different from nerves in the western medicine by no means.

In conclusion, excessive sex exhausts our semen and thereby interfering with the formation of Qi. Then the lack of Qi accumulates dampness in our body which can lead to disease. Of course, moderate sex is inevitable for the instinct of preservation of the human species for us. But excessive sex just for pleasure is dangerous to our life. I presume that what I've written above is different from the common concepts of western medicine. So, whether you believe it or not is up to you. But what I am sure of is that this concept of holistic medicine has our korean ancestors' long experience.

Yin Yang Tang For Preventing Disease & A Healthy Life

** How to make Yin-Yang Tang **

First pour hot water in the cup about 2/3 deep. Next, pour cold water the rest 1/3 and drink whenever you want to drink something. It's that simple, just two different temperatures of water.

Why? Our upper body or head should be cool and reversely, our lower body should be warm so that the upper body's cool Qi is able to descend and the lower body's warm Qi can go up thereby circulating the Qi and blood through the entire body. Thus the stomach and spleen in the middle of our body can balance the two Qi's interaction by lukewarm water (Yin-Yang Tang). If this dynamic movement stops, dampness accumulates in our stomach and spleen and interferes with the metabolism of the stomach and spleen and affects our urination and defecation thereby forming fats and dampness in our body. I bet, if we keep this habit of drinking lukewarm water (Yin-Yang Tang), we could lead a healthy life without putting on weight and without getting ill.

This theory was emphasized by our master Gum - ho, a mogul in Korean holistic medicine. He has been teaching Sa-Am acupuncture for 24 years to Korean holistic medical student in our South Korea for free in person and serve the community by doing non-profit Sa-Am Acupuncture Service for the public with us.

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