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TCM Theory Exam 2

I hope this challenges you and makes you think. There can be more than one answer for every question, including multiple choice. To see the answer to any question, go to the red area next to the question. Take your mouse and, while holding the left button, drag it across the area of the red area. This will highlight the answer. You can also press Ctrl-A (PC) or Command-A (Mac) to highlight everything on the screen and this will show you the answers as well. If you see any errors or can think of good questions to add please email me. Good luck and enjoy.

11. Which of the following attributes can be attributed to Yin?
a. function
b. male
c. excess
d. darkness

d. darkness
12. What channels are related to yin?
a. channels on the medial leg
b. channels on the lateral arm
c. channels on the abdomen
d. channels on the face

a. channels on the medial leg
13. The two extraordinary vessels that play a part in menstruation are?
a. ren mai and du mai
b. dai mai and chong mai
c. du mai and dai mai
d. ren mai and chong mai

d. ren mai and chong mai
14. What organ controls the descending & dispersing of qi?
a. heart
b. lung
c. liver
d. stomach

b. lung
15. Qi can have four major disorders, what are they?

1. qi stagnation
2. qi deficiency
3. rebellious qi
4. qi sinking
16. The material foundation for the shen comes from what substance?
a. blood
b. qi
c. jing
d. marrow

a. blood
17. Where can the Wei Qi (defensive qi) be found?

under the skin, between the muscles
18. According to five element theory, what two organs can harm the lungs if excessive?
a. liver, heart
b. heart, spleen
c. liver, kidney
d. kidney, spleen

a. liver, heart
19. Jing (essence) produces what substance in the body?
a. qi
b. marrow
c. blood
d. phlegm

b. marrow
20. The ________ controls inhalation while the _______ controls exhalation?
a. heart...lung
b. lung...kidney
c. kidney...lung
d. lung...heart

c. kidney...lung
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