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The Zang Fu

Surrounding the core principles of yin and yang, the theory of the internal organs distinguishes TCM from all other forms of medicine. Throw away all your thoughts of allopathic medicine's view of the viscera and prepare for a complex, wholistic view that encompasses the form, function, emotion and spirit of the body.

Zang and Fu are two words which are similarly translated as organ but are different in their composition. Zang can be associated with storage and yin, while Fu can be associated with governing and yang. The Zang store all the bodily fluids and energies (See Qi, Blood & Body Fluids after this section for further explanation). Fu, on the other hand, act as governors by taking in, processing and moving out all external substances. The Zang are also called the solid organs since they store, while the Fu are called hollow since things go through them.

Only Lung, Spleen, Kidney, and Liver so far...

Most of the information in the following pages can be found throughout the classics, mostly the Nan Jing Su Wen. Be sure to check out my bibliography for more places to read up on this information.

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