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TCM Software for Palm OS

Acuxo - Acuxo is a great website that contains a ton of quality info on points along with images to go with them. Additionally the site has a great and interesting html based TCM differentiation tool. The guys at acuxo have decided to basically port their site to the palm and from what I have seen they did a great job doing exactly that. So if you like their site and want access to everything it contains away from the net, pick it up. A demo is available at their site. The file is about 250kb, runs on OS 3.0 or higher and costs 33$.

AcuClinic 1.0
AcuClinic 1.0 - This is made by tcmpc and is a clinical diagnosing tool. It quickly allows you to diagnose and find points for commonly treated ailments via western medicine or TCM. It also includes a small point database of common points, and is editable to allow for your own point combos or additions. Seems like a great idea if the points and diagnoses are right. A demo is available and registration for unlocking is 39.95.

Acupuncture Points Database Pro 1.4
Acpuncture Points Database Pro 1.4 - Ah yes, finally some freeware. I quote the author JoEllen Donahue Hermes L.Ac.: "This database of acupuncture points was compiled during my studies in Traditional Chinese Medicine to assist myself and fellow students in learning the points and functions. The database file POINTSPRO.PDB requires JfilePro to run."

AcuPoints 1.0
AcuPoints 1.0 - This is a handbase searchable database of points and indications. It additionally includes five phase, shu and mu points and more specifications. From PalmGear: "Searchable acupuncture point database. Lists point, name, relative strength (per Helms), five phase element, meridians (principal, extroardinary, distinct ) shu-mu points, command and phase functions. Detailed indications and location hints. You can modify and add notes of your own. Works with HanDBase (an essential application). This is very useful for study or for every day patient managment." Cost is 15$. There is a demo available.

BodyEnergyPoint 2.0a
BodyEnergyPoint 2.0a - It's a little hard to tell exactly what this does but it appears to calculate the ten day cycle of Japanese style of acupuncture based on the palms clock. It also includes some basic point info. From PalmGear: "BodyEnergyPoint displays and updates the biorhythmic acupuncture points (or acupoints) based on the clock and calendar of a Palm device, allows one to step through all the biorhythmic acupoints in any 10-day cycle, and includes a handy popup list to provide a quick lookup of specific acupoints that are associated with selected physiological disorders." Cost is 19$. There is a demo available.

Qpalm - The Qpuncture equivalent for the Palm and Pocket PC. Full color with lots of illustrations and helpfull tools. One for Herbs is also available. Qpalm focuses mostly on acupoints but does also include some other info. Very visually pretty like all the other qpuncture software.