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Bladder Indication

AcuPoint Functions Indications Special Notes
BL 1*** brightens the eyes (clears the vision) any eye problems; S = all eyes SI, ST, Yin Qiao, and yang qiao all cross here; LV points are often used in combinations as well; ST points as well; often used with GB 37 (luo point) because as part of its job in shunting qi back and forth between the GB and LV channels it helps the eye
BL 2*** opens and brightens the eyes (LV related); clears the nose; good for allergies and colds headache (local point); acute conjunctivitis; excessive tearing; excessive twitching; good point for sinus allergies, hay fever, sinus headaches good second choice to BL 1;
BL 3* local point local local
BL 4** local point local local
BL 5** local point local local
BL 6* local point local local
BL 7** clears the nostrils rhinitis (nasal obstruction); any nose problem known for its effects on the sinuses; find GV 20 and then go diagonal and anterior at a 45 degree angle about 3/4 of an inch
BL 8* local local local
BL 9* local local local
BL 10**** dispels wind, wind heat, wind phlegm (tai yang stage wind); dispels cold (hence, relaxes tendons and muscles); stiff neck; brightens the eyes occipital headache; stiffness and soreness in back of neck; pharyngitis; OPIs; common cold; seizures (wind) BL 10 with BL 60 can help invigorate the whole BL channel
AcuPoint Functions Indications Special Notes
BL 11** regulates joints; expels wind (release exterior) with common cold; bronchitis; with pleurisy can be needled if tender; neck and back pain; other OPI indications meeting point of bones; not used clinically as a sea of blood point in modern point prescriptions; GB, SI, TW channels cross here;
BL 12*** opens the lungs in a clearing, not building sort of manner; common cold; bronchitis; pleurisy; can use for tai yang stage disease (some say it is best used before the pathogen gets into the organ); OPIs like wind heat connects with GV 14 and can be used together to expel wind and release the interior; also with LI4 and LU 7 for OPIs; can moxa for OPI prevention
BL 13**** regulates lung qi; benefits all aspects of lung function; builds wei qi bronchitis; asthma; pleurisy; night sweats; pulmonary TB; steaming bone syndrome (severe kidney yin deficiency); spitting blood from lungs; any kind of cough; fullness in chest; throat blockage; anything that affects lungs during OPI usually do not tonify BL 13 because you may tonify the pathogen; can be used in the prevention of OPIs; however, if the pathogen is very, very strong you may sometimes need to tonify the wei qi by using BL 13, in so doing you may tonify the pat
BL 14** similar to PC 6, but not as strong; local PC shu point; BL 15 tends to be stronger; similar to PC 6 but not as strong; similar to LV channel because both are Jue Yin channels; also related to HT and PC
BL 15**** benefits all aspects of the heart; calms the heart and spirit; regulates and tonifies heart qi, blood neurasthenia (nervous system exhaustion); seizures; psychosis; hysteria; absent-mindedness; any mental problems; very good insomnia point; mania; memory loss; palpitations heart shu point and thus very building; often use shu and source points together and thus can use HT 7 with BL 15
BL 16* local back pain local local
BL 17**** regulates the blood, expands the chest and diaphragm, tonifies blood anemia, chronic hemorrhagic disorders, spasms of the diaphragm, nervous vomiting, constriction of the esophagus, abdominal distension or lumps, good for skin indications (heat in the blood) almost like a blood shu point; benefits all aspects of the blood; with BL 19 is the Four Flowers (good for qi and blood); for uterine bleeding use BL 17, SP 8, LV 3, and ST 29
BL 18**** benefits LV and GB; cools damp heat; moves stagnant qi; benefits the eyes; regulates and tonifies LV qi, blood, and yang; sedates LV yang chronic and acute hepatitis, cholecystitis (LV/GB damp heat); stomach disease (LV invading ST); eye diseases (ascendant LV yang); intercostal neuralgia (pathway); irregular menstruation (due to LV disharmony); emotional aspects of the LV; good for LV acti BL 17, 18, 20 are called the six magnificents and used to tonify qi and blood more deeply than the four flowers - this point combo is more recent (1200-1500 years); adding BL 19 to this combo makes the 8 magnificents and thus includes the four flowers
BL 19*** cools and drains heat from LV and GB hepatitis; cholecystitis; gastritis; bitter taste in mouth; dry or bilious vomiting; pain in the flanks; yellowish eyes/jaundice BL 17 and BL 19 are the four flowers and build qi and blood; general GB pathology is elevated LFTs, chalky stool, and bitter taste in mouth
BL 20**** regulates qi of the SP/ST and helps in transportations and transformation functions; eliminates damp; harmonizes the blood and nourishes the qi gastritis from deficiency; prolapsed stomach; nervous vomiting; indigestion; edema; weakness or heaviness of the limbs due to damp can be used for appetite problems, anorexia, irregular eating, poor muscle tone, weakness of the flesh and resulting injuries
AcuPoint Functions Indications Special Notes
BL 21*** regulates ST qi; transforms damp; eliminates stagnation; tonifies SP and regulates ST; pacifies rebellious ST qi stomach ache; gastric distension; regurgitant vomiting; abdominal pain from cold in ST; diarrhea local
BL 22** regulates the transforming function of qi nephritis; ascites; urinary retention; enuresis; low back pain (local point); edema from urinary retention local
BL 23**** regulates KD qi; tonifies KD qi, yin, and jing; strengthens brain and marrow; increases brain function local can build KD yang, but GV 4 is better to really stoke the ming men fire
BL 24* local point local local
BL 25*** regulates the intestines and ST; benefits the lower back and knees low back pain or sprain; pain in SI joint; dysentery; constipation; abdominal distension and intestinal noises; diarrhea used a lot for low back pain; main point for constipation and can be a major cause of low back pain
BL 26** strengthens the low back and knees; transforms damp stagnation in lower warmer and back low back pain; frequent or painful urination; enuresis local
BL 27** promotes the functions of the SI and urine output; eliminates damp and cools heat; promotes the separation of the pure and impure; regulates the bladder enuresis; urinary incontinence; blood in urine; dark or red urine; dry mouth; vaginal discharge; more for damp heat than BL 28; SI pathology mostly relates to damp heat
BL 28*** regulates the bladder incontinence; dark and rough flowing urine; swelling and pain in the genitals; sacral back pain; sciatica; good for UTIs, atonic bladder; prostate problems; with BL 27 for blood in the urine
BL 29* local point for sciatica local local
BL 30* local anal disease local
AcuPoint Functions Indications Special Notes
BL 31** local local local
BL 32**** regulates the lower burner; strengthens lower back and legs diseases of the lumbosacral joint; leucorrhoea; peritonitis; orchitis; paralysis; paralysis of lower limb; squeal of infantile paralysis; urinary problems; prolapsed uterus; ; constipation; infertility frequently used for sciatica; for inducing labor and thus contraindicated in pregnancy
BL 33*** local local local
BL 34*** regulates the lower burner; strengthens lower back and legs urinary problems; prolapsed uterus; constipation local
BL 35** local point for lower warmer pain in lower back during menstruation; leucorrhoea; impotence; diarrhea; hemorrhoids local
BL 36*** local sciatica; paralysis of lower extremity local
BL 37** local point for sciatic and hamstring pull; dysfunction of lower limb local local
BL 38* local local local
BL 39*** regulates the water pathways in lower warmer; benefits the bladder low back pain; nephritis; cystitis; chyluria (white milky urine); spasms of gastroc; any obstruction of urine flow (especially from dampness) local
BL 40**** clears heat; removes obstruction in the channels; cools blood; drains summer heat heat exhaustion; low back pain; arthritis of the knee and other knee pain; paralysis of the knee; skin problems due to heat empirical point for acute low back sprain
AcuPoint Functions Indications Special Notes
BL 41* local point for shoulder, neck, back, numbness in elbow and arm local local
BL 42** opens lungs, controls lung spirit (melancholy), for lung symptoms but there are better points local Po's house; outer BL line is used to treat the emotional aspects of a particular shu point
BL 43**** strengthens deficient conditions; supports original qi (GV 4, BL 23, CV 4 also); increases function of qi; supports ming men for late stage chronic deficiency disorders; bronchitis; asthma; TB; neurasthenia (archaic - feeble, neurosis); general weakness caused by prolonged illness; consumptive diseases like HIV, pulmonary TB; poor memory indicating a weakened condition "happy point"; "prevention point"; "cure of a 100 diseases"; said to connect to ming men; can be used with ST 36 (and even CV 4, GV 4) as a preventative point prescription;
BL 44* supports BL 15 local local
BL 45* local point local palpating the outer BL will sometimes elicit some kind of giddiness, which some people believe is a sign of deficiency
BL 46* local; can be used to back up BL 17 for diaphragm indications local local
BL 47** regulates qi of the liver; diseases of LV and GB; emotional aspects of LV imbalance local houses Hun
BL 48* can be used for GB indications as a back up for GB 19, but very rare local local
BL 49* local local local
BL 50* local local local
AcuPoint Functions Indications Special Notes
BL 51* chronic qi, blood, or phlegm stagnation (mass) local lateral to Pigen
BL 52** used to build will; tonifies KD yang and jing primary for sexual function; nephritis; low back pain; spermatorrhea; infertility (both sexes, but more for men); any sperm related problems; nocturnal emissions; prostatitis; secondary point for urinary dysfunction lateral to BL 23; for sexual dysfunction is often used with ST 27 and BL 23
BL 53* local for organ (lower warmer) and structural problems local local
BL 54** good local point for back pain sciatica local
BL 55* local local local
BL 56 local local local
BL 57*** relaxes muscles channels of BL meridian; benefits hemorrhoids pain in lower back and leg; sciatica with BL meridian pain in leg; hemorrhoids; spasms of gastroc; charley horses for hemorrhoids used with GV 1, GV 20, erbai
BL 58** local hemorrhoids; pain in lower back and leg with leg weakness; rheumatoid arthritis (controversial) for low back and leg pain could tonify source point KD 3 and disperse luo point BL 58 and then use BL 23
BL 59** mostly local unless using EV treatments because it is on the yang qiao mai headache, low back pain, paralysis of lower limb, inflammation of ankle joint local
BL 60**** relaxes the sinews and muscles; benefits the low back (BL 40 is used more) low back pain; occipital headache (acute or chronic and any etiology); neck problems; sciatica; paralysis of lower limb; swelling and pain at ankle; difficult delivery "aspirin point"; very dispersive because it is good for pain, all pain is qi stagnation and thus good pain points must be very dispersive; for this reason such points should be used carefully during pregnancy; depending on the source they may be contraind
AcuPoint Functions Indications Special Notes
BL 61* local pain in ankle and foot; plantar fasciitis (stretch, ice feet, needle other local points all way up to calf); paralysis of lower limb; yang qiao crosses here
BL 62**** clears the spirit, quiets the mind; opens the yang qiao channel; dispels wind (especially the head) headache (lateral and midline); Meniere's disease; seizures; psychosis and mania; hemiplegia; arthritis; low back pain; epilepsy master point of the yang qiao channel, ghost point
BL 63* similar to BL 62 but not nearly as strong local local
BL 64** rarely used - disperses wind; calms the spirit; sometimes used for bladder incontinence local
BL 65* rarely used - dispels wind, calms spirit local local
BL 66* minor point - dispels wind local local
BL 67** regulates childbirth; brightens eyes; dispels wind in the vertex headaches; malposition of fetus and difficult labor (needle and moxa); most people do not needle and moxa during pregnancy

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