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Extraordinary Point Indications

AcuPoint Functions Indications Special Notes
An Mian main point for insomnia; dream disturbed sleep Insomnia, vertigo, headache, palpitation, mental disorders.  
Ba Feng reduce heat and swelling of the foot Beriberi, toe pain, redness and swelling of the dorsum of the foot.  
Ba Xie clear heat; reduce swelling Excessive heat, finger numbness, spasm and contracture of the fingers, redness and swelling of the dorsum of the hand, snakebite on arm; detox poison .3 to .5 depth
Bai Lao   Scrofula, cough, asthma, whooping cough, neck rigidity  
Bi Tong   Rhinitis, nasal obstruction, nasal boils.  
Dan Nang Xue   Acute and chronic cholecystitis, cholelithiasis, biliary ascariasis, muscular atrophy and numbness of the lower extremities. needle strongly and against the flow of the meridian; can leave needle in for up to 2 hours and stimulate every 15 minutes, and can be done 2-3x/day; Amy thinks this should be needled bilaterally, unless there is no tenderness; 1 -1.5 cun depth
Ding Chuan circulates lung qi Asthma, cough, neck rigidity, pain in the shoulder and back, rubella.  
Er Bai   Hemorrhoids with bleeding; rectal prolapse treat daily for 10 weeks; .5 to 1 cun deep
AcuPoint Functions Indications Special Notes
He Ding   Knee pain, weakness of the foot and leg, paralysis. good with massage, moxa, needle; .5 inch in insertion
Hua Tou Jia Ji regulate qi of the corresponding shu points and organs; benefit the spine Diseases of the upper limbs, chest region, abdominal region, and lower limbs. can needle hua tuos above, at, and below the vertebrae for a deviated vertebrae or disc herniation; can go quite deep
Jian Qian   Pain in the shoulder and arm, paralysis of the upper extremities. .5 to 1 cun deep
Lan Wei Xue   Acute and chronic appendicitis, indigestion, paralysis of the lower extremities. can be needled for 30 minutes against the meridian with strong stimulation every 5 minutes; .5 - 1 cun depth
Luo Zhen   Sore neck, pain in the shoulder and arm very little manipulation
Nao Qing improve memory; clears the brain    
Pi Gen dissolves lumps; softens hard masses; invigorate blood Lumps, bumps, hernias, lipomas  
Shi Mian   insomnia; stress with racing thoughts; contraindicated in JA; best needled before bed; shallow insertion at .1 cun; can give a moxa pole to Px and they can do pecking moxa;
Shi Qi Zhui (Josen)   Lumbar & thigh pain, paralysis of lower extremities, irregular menstruation, dysmenorrea  
AcuPoint Functions Indications Special Notes
Shi Xuan can work quickly to restore consciousness; drain heat Apoplexy, coma, epilepsy, high fever, acute tonsilitis, infantile convulsion, numbness of the finger tips. generally bled, not needled
Si Feng   Malnutrition and indigestion syndromes in children, whooping cough. usually bled, not needled; often get some yellowish fluid rather than blood; only pediatric points
Si Shen Cong clear the brain; quiets the heart (excessive dreaming); local HA point (but GV 20 is better); Headache, vertigo, insomnia, poor memory, epilepsy, developmental problems in children no needle in children under 6 yo
Tai Yang clears heat; reduces swelling; brightens the eyes; clears stagnation; especially good with redness and swelling Headache, eye diseases, deviation of the eyes and mouth. Disperses wind in head, clears and cools the eyes. in the classics may be able to bleed this point for hypertension
Xi Yan   Knee pain, weakness of the lower extremitites.  
Yao Tong Xue   Acute lumbar sprain. little manipulation; with SI 3, BL 62, GB 39, bailao for whiplash; with GV 26 for lumbar pain
Yin Tang clears the nose; eyes; calms spirit Headache, head heaviness, epistaxis, rhinorrea, infantile convulsion, frontal headache, insomnia. Often used for relaxation and calming. can be a good calming point for infants
Yu Yao   Pain in the supraorbital region, twitching of the eyelids, ptosis, cloudiness of the cornea, redness, swelling and pain of the eyes.  
Zi Gong Xue   Prolapse of the uterus, irregular menstruation, male problems like orchitis and hernia needle 1.5 to 2 cun

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