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Gallbladder Indications

AcuPoint Functions Indications Special Notes
GB 1** eye problems of hot nature local HA; anything with heat SI and TW cross here; used with BL 1
GB 2*** opens and benefits the ears OM; ear pain; tinnitus; facial paralysis; mumps; dislocation or motor impairment of the jaw (TMJ); thread TW 21, SI 17, GB 2
GB 3* local local local
GB 4* local local TW, ST, and LI cross at B 4, 5, 6
GB 5* local local local
GB 6* local local local
GB 7* local local BL crosses here
GB 8** local nausea and vomiting with HA; good for migraines; BL crosses here; palpate and if sore needle; with LI 10 for hangovers
GB 9* local local BL crosses here
GB 10* local local BL crosses here
AcuPoint Functions Indications Special Notes
GB 11* local local BL crosses here
GB 12** local local HA; insomnia; neck pain BL crosses here; palpate with any head problem; one of the anmian points (peaceful sleep)
GB 13** calms the mid; extinguishes internal head wind mental disorders; vertigo; seizures; hemiplegia; psychosis; schizophrenia; irrational suspicion and jealousy; rigid thinking; obsessive thought; yang wei crosses here
GB 14*** eliminates wind and clears the vision supraorbital neuralgia; HA including sinus HA; eye problems TW, LI, ST, and yang wei cross here;
GB 15* local local BL and yang wei cross here
GB 16* local local yang wei crosses here
GB 17* local local yang wei crosses here
GB 18* local local yang wei crosses here
GB 19* local local yang wei crosses here; palpate
GB 20**** disperses interior or exterior wind; benefits hearing and vision; relieves exterior; sedates LV yang and clears LV heat and wind; GB 20 opens up the whole head common colds in including wind heat or wind cold; anything with nasal obstruction; vertigo; occipital HA; stiff neck; hypertension (sedates LV yang); seizures; hemiplegia; very nice insomnia point; opened up whole head; too much studying because qi gets s yang wei and TW crosses here; "wind pool"; with GB 21 for stiff neck; commonly used for stress; LV qi stagnation often manifests as GB stiffness in this area; with OPI use LI 4, LU 7, GV 14, BL 12; for high BP ST 9, LI 11, ST 36; with LV yang rising LV 3,
AcuPoint Functions Indications Special Notes
GB 21*** clears and invigorates channels; revives consciousness; sends qi down; spreads LV qi; extinguish LV wind; benefits shoulder (local) hemiplegia due to stroke; any motor impairment of the arm; mastitis; breast abscess; difficult labor TW, ST, and yang wei cross here; with GB 39 and GB 20 for stiffness in the neck; avoid with organic HT problems because so moving
GB 22* local local local
GB 23* local local BL crosses here
GB 24*** regulates function of LV and ST; regulates GB and transforms damp heat intercostal neuralgia; colecystitis; jaundice; peptic ulcer; hepatitis; heartburn; pain in the hypochrondrium; check for herpes zoster; one of main points for gallstones, jaundice, hepatitis; for wood attacking earth; good for nausea and vomiting of the e front mu point of; with GB 34 for GB damp heat
GB 25** builds KD qi; regulates fluid pathways nephritis; serious and/or chronic UTI; intercostal neuralgia; lumbago; KD stones; back pain from standing a lot because it wears on KD front mu of the KD
GB 26*** regulates the girdle channel (hold things in); alleviates damp heat from lower warmer stops leucorrhoea; main point for vaginal discharges, especially heat or excess type; endometriosis (blood stagnation and maybe with damp heat); cystitis; irregular menstruation from damp heat; profuse uterine bleeding; inguinal hernia dai mai crosses here; with SP 9 for damp heat GYN problems; with GB 41, TW 5 to hold things in and up; GB 20, GV 20, GB 41, TW 5 to stop bleeding/ with defic add SP 1/ with excess add LV 1; inguinal hernia use with some LV points as well
GB 27* local local local
GB 28** local prolapsed uterus; pain of intestinal hernia; dai mai crosses here; some scholars believe that the dai mai may begin here, perhaps because of the strong effect of this point on prolapsed uterus and intestinal hernias; deep needling is OK as you want to stimulate the broad uterine ligament
GB 29*** relaxes muscles and tendons and stimulates channels; hip, lumbar, and thigh; diseases of the hip joint and surrounding tissue; look there for endometriosis as the constricted qi may exacerbate these problems yang qiao crosses
GB 30**** benefits lower back and knees; clears the channels (GB); benefits the hip; the main point for sciatica; hip arthritis; very invigorating point sciatica, especially lateral leg; numbness and paralysis of lower leg; diseases of hip joint and surrounding soft tissue BL meridian crosses here; with lateral sciatica go right down GB meridian with 30, 31, 34, 39
AcuPoint Functions Indications Special Notes
GB 31* dispels wind; strengthens tendons and bones numbness; paralysis; skin itching; paralysis of lower limb; pain in low back and leg; numbness and stiffness of lower leg; hemiplegia of lower limb; can be used with LI 11 and SP 10
GB 32* local local local
GB 33* local diseases of knee and surrounding soft tissue can be a place of great stagnation and can help a great deal with knee pain
GB 34**** benefits LV and GB; promotes the smooth flow of LV qi; clears and cools LV/GB damp heat; relaxes and strengthens the sinews; sedates LV yang; very moving for the meridian major point for musculoskeletal problems; controversial main point for frozen shoulder; important sciatica point; hepatitis; cholecystitis; causes GB contractions and can expel gallstones; hypertension (LV yang rising type); intercostal neuralgia; herpes he sea; earth point; meeting point of muscles and tendons; with ST 38 needled toward GB 34 for frozen shoulder; with LV frequently and for hypertension especially; with ST 40 and LU 5 hot and damp conditions; with TW 6 for shingles (shao yang connection),
GB 35* local local local
GB 36** local rage; channel excess s/sx like high fever, excess sweating (thought to refer to rabies) local
GB 37*** regulates LV; clears the vision main distal point for vision; any eye problems; blurry vision, itching eyes; pain in the eyes luo point to LV; with LV 3 for any vision problems, also BL 1, BL 2, GB 1, GB 20
GB 38** drains excess in GB (damp or heat usually) migraines; hemiplegia; sedation point (but GB 34 used more); whole body pain of excess type; jing river; fire point (dispersion point); with GB 34 for malaria (shao yang disease - half in and half out); with SP 21, GB 34 for whole body pain
GB 39*** dispels wind and damp in meridian; strengthens bones stiff neck (with GB 20 and 21 locally); distal for migraines; hemiplegia (flaccid type); sciatica; distal point for knee; any pain in lower leg GB area and pain all three yang meridians of the leg (such as resulting from hemiplegia); leg qi syndrome from meeting of three leg yang; influential point of bone marrow; with KD 6, SP 3, KD 3 for steaming bone disease (severe yin defic and consumptive disease); with GB 34 for ankle problems
GB 40*** important ankle point; spreads LV qi and benefits the GB; clears the channels; pain in chest and ribs; tidal fevers (shao yang pathology); cholecystitis; acid reflux; vomiting; distal sciatica point; disease of ankle and surrounding tissues; timidity is often listed as well source point; with GB 34 for cholecystitis
GB 41*** spreads and drains LV and GB; smoothes LV qi; clears and regulates the girdle channel; brightens eyes and sharpens vision; good distal point for the head HA; migraines; menstrual HA from dai channel connection; vertigo; conjunctivitis (GB 37 better); mastitis; irregular menstruation; good for pregnancy pain when the tendons and ligaments stretch too early (quite painful); master/confluent point of dai mai; with TW 5 for temporal HA; with GB 26 for GYN problems ; paired with TW 5 for yang wei for HA with GB 20, GV 20, LV 3; with GB 28 for uterine prolapse
GB 42* local local local
GB 43** clear GB excess; clears heat local ying spring; water point
GB 44** brings energy down from head; disperses wind and fire; clears sensory orifices migraines; HA; intercostal neuralgia; violent nightmares  

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