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Heart Indications

AcuPoint Functions Indications Special Notes
HT 1* local arthritis; local shoulder joint problems; generally for armpit problems; not very common connects with brain and thus HT meridian affects the mind
HT 2* local local local
HT 3*** clears the spirit; clears the vessels; clears phlegm (like excessive salivation, swollen lymph glands); neurasthenia; psychosis; intercostal neuralgia; ulnar nerve neuralgia; numbness of forearm and diseases of elbow; important for hand tremors; good for trembling and shaking from Parkinson's; cardiac/chest pain; pain in axilla he sea point and thus goes internally
HT 4* calms spirit; regulates HT qi; aphasia; man point for speaking difficulties; bradycardia; hysterical aphasia; stuttering due to emotional issues; nervous anxiety; uptight nervousness luo point and thus the internal connection to the tongue; with CV 23 and GV 15 for aphasia; for bradycardia would use with BL 15
HT 5*** local local local
HT 6*** tonifies HT yin; reduces night sweats; sinks a floating yang night sweats; nosebleed xi cleft point, but not effective for channel pain; with KD 7 for night sweats and HT 6 is used if HT yin defic is present
HT 7**** calms spirit; cools HT fire; tonifies HT qi, yin, and yang; palpitations; absent mindedness; insomnia; excessive dreaming due to HT or LV fire; angina and cardiac pain; mental illness of any kind; dementia; mania; irritability and insomnia; main point for insomnia, hysteria; for five hearts heat; source point; shu stream; also the dispersion point; and thus the point adjusts for different spirit problems; for anxiety with HT7, PC 6, GV 20, BL 14, BL 15, BL 43; for forgetfulness with GV 20; for insomnia and yin defic use SP 6, KD 3, KD 6; SP qi an
HT 8** clears HT fire and SI heat; clears lower burner fire and heart tachycardia; dysuria; enuresis; itching of the groin; sweaty palms ying sprig and fire point; a cooling point; can be used for chronic UTIs to cool damp heat
HT 9**   coma; apoplectic hysteria; wood point on fire meridian and is tonification point, but not used as such; a jing well point and used more for that

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