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Kidney Indications

AcuPoint Functions Indications Special Notes
KI 1** opens the sensory orifices; calms the spirit; good for adjusting the spirit after stroke or other psychotic conditions; sends qi down; sedates fever and spasm; sedates deficient fire as it affects cognition to bring fire down; mostly an emergency point shock; heat exhaustion; stroke and can open the orifices and help with loss of voice; hypertension from excess; seizures; infantile convulsions; HA at the vertex (LV yang rising HA); soles of feet hot; for whole body muscle cramping dispersion point; for peripheral neuropathy thread LV 3 to KD 1
KI 2** 5 cools and regulates KD yang; tonifies KD yang and jing; clears heat and fire from the heart; cools the blood as pertains to uterus; chronic excess and recurring pharyngitis; irregular menstruation due to heat or damp heat; thirst from diabetes; diarrhea with damp heat and noises; itching in genital region; plantar fasciitis fire point and ying spring; KD 6 for chronic low grade pharyngitis
KI 3**** tonfies qi, yin, yang, and stabilizes KD qi; calms the fetus; restores collapsed yang; strengthens lower back and knees; nourishes LV especially nephritis; cystitis; irregular menstruation; spermatorrhea; enuresis; tinnitus; alopecia; impotence; constipation and diarrhea if KD involved; yin deficient type insomnia; low back pain; knee pain; asthma if KD deficient source point; most used KD point; LU and KD yin defic use LU 6; yin deficient insomnia use SP 6, KD 6; male sexual dysfunction ST 27, BL 52, BL 23, GV 4 if yang defic, SP 6 if yin defic
KI 4** benefits the jing aspect of spirit (meaning little movement and lethargy) plantar fasciitis; bone spurs luo point; with BL 61 for heel problems
KI 5* local local xi cleft but not used
KI 6 ***1/2 calms spirit or mind; moistens throat; tonifies KD yin; moistens eyes; promotes uterine function chronic pharyngitis; tonsillitis; epileptic seizures that occur more at night; deficient yin asthma, constipation, insomnia; dry throat; eye pain from dryness; vaginal discharge like chronic leucorrhoea; vaginal dryness (menopause or other); major for bui master point of yin qiao; with LU 7 to moisten throat;
KI 7*** tonifies KD yang; regulates body fluids and sweat; clear and cool damp heat; helps to metabolize fluids leucorrhoea; any urinary problems; night sweats; OPI sweat or lack of sweat; low back pain; edema with SP 9; good for ankle edema; tonification point; with LI 4 to promote or stop sweat; metal point on water meridian and thus may help with spontaneous sweating
KI 8* local local local
KI 9** local local never see in TCM prescription; people who do OB/GYN acupuncture swear by this point
KI 10** promotes urination; clears lower jiao (bladder) heat; strengthens knees diseases of urogential system; dysuria; arthritis of knee in medial area; important for water balance he sea point; water point
AcuPoint Functions Indications Special Notes
KI 11* local local local
KI 12* local local local
KI 13* local local local
KI 14* local local local
KI 15* local local local
KI 16** harmonizes ST; regulates LI qi habitual constipation with hard and difficult to pass stool (need to nourish yin); hiccups; vomiting; back up dry constipation point  
KI 17* local local local
KI 18* local local local
KI 19* local local local
KI 20* local local local
AcuPoint Functions Indications Special Notes
KI 21* local local local
KI 22* local local exit point of KD meridian (on NCCA exam)
KI 23* local local local
KI 24* local local local
KI 25* local local local
KI 26* local local local
KI 27** opens the lungs   shu of shus; meeting point of all back shus

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