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Large Intestine Indications

AcuPoint Functions Indications Special Notes
LI 1** local apoplectic or any coma; high fever (yang ming meridian) and often used for high fevers instead of others; toothache if infected only; bleed with LI 11 needled for tonsillitis (fire toxin situation) jing well; metal point
LI 2** dispels heat; distal point; cooling point; local point toothache; trigeminal neuralgia ying spring (cooling); not used much
LI 3** sedates heat; local point local shu stream
LI 4**** disperses wind (stimulates dispersing action of the lungs); relieves exterior conditions; suppresses pain; clears channels; promotes or restrains sweat; reduces fever; regulates and moistens the LI; aids in labor; clears the nose; clears obstruction in up common cold; febrile disease with or without sweat; headache (used for non-OP frontal and vertex, and only otherwise if OPI related); disease of the sensory organs; facial paralysis; any face problem think of this point; hemiplegia; major pain point; conj source point; entry point; BL 60 more for back and lower body; LI 4 is more for upper body and face; other pain points are BL 60 and LV 3; LV 3 and LI 4 are the "four gates" and for whole body pain and moving the qi in the entire body; contraindicated in
LI 5** expels wind and fire diseases of the soft tissue of the wrist point; good for smoking withdrawal local
LI 6** clears the lungs; regulates the waterways like facial edema facial edema; hand edema luo point; can be used with LU 7
LI 7* local local special for mouth and tongue inflammation; oral herpes; canker sores
LI 8* local local local
LI 9* local local local
LI 10*** expels internal wind; pain in the arm; neck pain; good for overuse injuries of the arm and forearm (often quite sore and is the bulky area of the muscle) associated with the stomach and often used with ST 36; but not used clinically for ST organ pathology; has some qi boosting properties like ST 36, but not as strong; seems like it would a good point for weak, deficient conditions, but not used much these
AcuPoint Functions Indications Special Notes
LI 11**** eliminates wind and exterior conditions; cools heat; eliminates dampness with heat in the skin and intestines (skin diseases, damp heat in LI); regulates the blood in relation to the skin; clears the channels; reduces fever; clears fire; clears blood heat paralysis; hemiplegia; arthritic pain in the upper limb; hypertension from excess yang (with ST 36); high fever; any febrile disease; measles (heat toxin in TCM and showing up in the skin); main point for skin diseases involving redness; eyes red and pain he sea; tonification point, but used clinically as a dispersive point; earth point; with BL 40, SP 10, BL 17, GB 31 (with dryness and lots of itching) for hot skin diseases; with damp heat in LI use BL 25, ST 25, ST 37
LI 12* local local local
LI 13* local local local
LI 14** clears channels locally; increases psychic energies and abilities local SI, BL, and yang wei cross here
LI 15*** benefits the shoulder hemiplegia; pain in shoulder; inflammation in shoulder; any shoulder problem SI and yang qiao cross here
LI 16** clears the channels; disperses congealed blood (secondary) disease of the shoulder and soft tissue of the shoulder; spitting blood yang qiao crosses here; good point to check for shoulder problems
LI 17** local local local
LI 18** local local local
LI 19* local local local
LI 20*** opens the nasal passages; disperses external wind heat as it affects the nose rhinitis; nasosinusitis; can cause immediate clearing of the sinuses can be needled upward and up to .5 toward bitong; eyes usually water; often used with LI 4 and LU 7 to clear the sinuses

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