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Lung Indications

AcuPoint Functions Indications Special Notes
LU 1*** disperses heat in the chest with heat and phlegm; more dispersing point rather than tonifying dry cough; cough with fullness in chest; lung heat; pulmonary TB (severe yin deficiency); coughing and wheezing with blood LU and SP cross here; with CV 17 and PC 6 to open up the chest
LU 2* local local local
LU 3** local local window of the sky point
LU 4* local local local
LU 5**** drains heat in the lungs; any kind of phlegm, especially phlegm heat; yellow phlegm maybe white and viscous; OPI gone deeper; productive cough; asthma; bronchitis; pleurisy; pain in throat with cough; good for excess LU heat; he sea point; water point; sedation point; not in early stages of an OPI because pathogen is not in LU yet; much stronger than LU 1; with ST 40 for clearing phlegm in upper warmer; for full heat
LU 6*** cools heat; stops bleeding due to deficient heat; moisten lungs; regulate rebellious qi in LU; dry cough; dryness in lungs; good elbow and biceps point xi ccenter point; for empty heat
LU 7**** opens the lungs; enhance the descending function of the LU; disperses wind and relieves the exterior; stimulates the wei qi; opens up the nose, especially with OPI; controls the head and neck (command point of the head and neck); wind cold; wind heat; HA; coughing; asthma with little phlegm (allergic asthma); facial paralysis; stiff neck; tai yang s/sx; diseases of the wrist joint; sore throat; disease of the pharynx; wind rash; empirical point for blood in urine; luo point; often used with LI 4; master point of CV; with LI4 and LI 20 for nasal congestion; paired confluent point with KD 6; with KD 6 for chronic sore throat; always use with KD 6 for deficient conditions involving the yin qiao/ren mai;
LU 8* local local local
LU 9**** regulates the LU and stops coughing, usually with weak coughs; tonifies the yin and qi; transforms damp or dry phlegm, scanty phlegm due to deficiency (excess of LU 1 or 5); big LU tonifier any LU problem due to deficiency; cold, weak deficient LU; shu stream; tonification point; earth point; yuan source point; influential point of the vessels or pulse; can be used to bolster a weak pulse; with BL 13, CV 6, BL 23 as a LU tonifier
LU 10** clears heat in the lungs; benefits the throat; for really bad stabbing sore throat local ying spring point; with GB 8 for hangovers
LU 11** cools the lungs; benefits the pharynx; revives from fainting fainting; loss of consciousness; nose bleeds with moxa to stop a nose bleed; moxa opposite side;

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