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Liver Indications

AcuPoint Functions Indications Special Notes
LV 1*** stops bleeding when moxaed; treats genitourinary aspects of the LV; swollen inguinal lymph nodes; irregular menstruation; any genital inflammation; abnormal uterine bleeding from hot blood use a pecking technique with a moxa pole that disperse the heat
LV 2*** drains fire from the LV; cools the blood (especially menstrual blood); dispels LV wind; useful in excess situations involving heat; main point for hypertensive HA; sedation point vertex HA; vertigo; dizziness from upsurge of wind (not anything else); intercostal neuralgia from heat; abnormal menstrual bleeding due to heat; cloudy urine or urethra discharge; eyes red and swollen; seizures and convulsions of any type; distension of fire point; more cooling than moving; more for excess, sedating and heat
LV 3**** benefits all aspects of the LV; regulates and/or tonifies yin, yang of LV; drains heat (but LV 2); regulates menses (controls the movement of cycle); sedates rebellious qi and LV yang; extinguishes LV wind (more heat use LV 2); helps with problems involvi improves vision; rising LV yang; LV wind; vertex and ocular HA; dizziness of LV yang rising and LV wind type; hypertension (excess or deficient); insomnia; hepatitis; mastitis; major point for irregular menstruation due to stagnation (could be cold or blo source point; with LV 2 for excess situations that involve heat and wind; with PC 6 for calming the mind; with LV 14 for PMS like breast tenderness; with LI 4 as four gates for whole body pain and opens all the channels in the body
LV 4** classically used like LV 3, but not effective clinically only used in TCM for ankle problems  
LV 5** genital damp heat in lower warmer genital itching like herpes; leucorrhoea; irregular menstruation and endometriosis if damp heat nature luo point
LV 6*      
LV 7*      
LV 8** nourishes LV blood and LV yin; relaxes muscle channels and sinews because it nourishes the above; moistens the sinews; clears and cools damp heat from the lower warmer genital herpes; vaginitis; local for medial knee pain; nocturnal emissions with LV 5 for uro-genital damp heat
LV 9*      
LV 10*      
AcuPoint Functions Indications Special Notes
LV 11*      
LV 12*   cold indications, especially genital area moxa only; no needle; GV 4 and CV 4 warm the yang; this helps to scatter the cold
LV 13*** benefits the SP; smoothes LV qi; reduces GI stagnation; disperses cold in middle warmer; LV invading SP is the classic presentation for this point; enlargement of LV and SP; hepatitis; enteritis; abdominal distension from LV invading SP; constipation from stagnant LV qi; pain in hypochondrium; diarrhea due to cold or LV invading the qi; borbo front mu of spleen; GB crosses here; not used clinically as the influential point for yin organs; with pigen for benign masses in abdomen
LV 14**** facilitates the moving of LV qi; removes congealed blood; more about ribs chest, abdomen; main point for intercostal neuralgia; hepatitis; tight chest from anger and frustration; nervous dysfunction of ST (LV invading the ST); vomiting; hiccups; stuck food; hypochondrium pain and distension; shingles; insufficient lactation with LV 3 for pain and stuck blood; front mu of LV; check GB 24 as well for intercostal neuralgia

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