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Pericardium Indications

AcuPoint Functions Indications Special Notes
PC 1* local intercostal neuralgia; pain and swelling under the axilla; mastitis; insufficient lactation local
PC 2* local pain along the upper aspect of the arm; local for chest local
PC 3** opens up heart qi; drains heat from the blood; regulates the stomach; clears heat from the blood as a secondary indication acute gastritis and gastroenteritis; easily frightened and startled; pain along the arm; mostly for gastric problems; he sea point; the internal meridian has much effect on the upper and middle warmers
PC 4** regulates the qi to stop pain; regulates heart qi and blood; moves obstruction in either the meridian or the chest myocarditis; angina pectoris; palpitations from obstruction, not deficiency (most are from deficiency); irritability and acute pain in the chest of emotional origins; most significant pain from angina; important for chest pain; clears the channel and thus xi cleft point
PC 5*** seizures with drooling; hysteria; psychosis; clears insubstantial phlegm; calms the spirit; harmonizes stomach when phlegm is involved; chest pain, stomach ache, vomiting if phlegm is involved; meeting point of three upper yin meridians; ST 8 and ST 40 (all purpose can also be used for phlegm
PC 6**** opens the chest; harmonizes the ST; calms the spirit; regulates the liver and middle jiao; good point to treat LV invading the ST angina pectoris; chest pain; stuffiness in chest; pain in hypochondrium; asthma; nausea or vomiting; opens the chest; stomachache; any kind of upper abdominal pain; spasms of the diaphragm; cough; seizures; hysteria; irritability, insomnia, nervousness, a luo point; inner gate; master point; has a calming effect on the ST, diaphragm, chest - is the perfect point to treat these things; calming effect; with CV 12 for nausea; nausea from LV invading ST LV 3 or LV 14; with CV 17 for asthma; paired with SP 4 to
PC 7*** clears and calms the heart; clears HT heat; sedates fire and cools; soothe, calm and quiet by cooling when heat is involved; main point for CTS palpitations; gastritis with heat and anxiety; intercostal neuralgia; mental illness; ghost point; shu stream; strong point but not used much in TCM; earth point and thus the dispersion point
PC 8** cools heart; drains heat heat exhaustion; cardiac pain; yin exhaustion; stomatitis; foul breath; ulcerated oral cavity; hysteria and mental illness due to heat; excessive sweating of palms fire point
PC 9** clears HT heat; revives yang from collapse; revives consciousness shock; apoplectic coma; main jing well point for returning consciousness  

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