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Small Intestine Indications

AcuPoint Functions Indications Special Notes
SI 1*** disperses wind and heat; facilitates the flow of milk; opens orifices; clears heart heat mastitis; insufficient lactations; sometimes for PMS breast tenderness; swollen breasts including benign breast lumps and fibrocystic lumps; as jing well point can be used for loss of consciousness local
SI 2* local local local
SI 3**** opens the GV (eliminating interior wind); clears the spirit and mind; relieves exterior; stimulate sweat; dispels wind heat; related to wei qi; seizures; psychosis; mania; all kinds of sweating; stiff neck; low back pain (acute and chronic); tinnitus; deafness (meridian related); the strongest distal point on the SI meridian master point of the GV; with BL 62 for low back pain; with GV 8, GV 26 for pain along the spine with difficult flexion and extension
SI 4** local local source point
SI 5** used a little as a distal cooling point for neck swelling local horary point
SI 6*** relaxes the sinews and muscles and clears the channels for the SI channel pain in shoulder and back; arthritis; main point for acute low back sprains; used a lot for whiplash xi cleft point; controversy about whether this should be used for low back pain - many people say SI 3 is better; everything you use this for musculo-skeletally you could use SI 3 instead
SI 7** not used in TCM for anything but a luo point; wakes the spirit; calms heart and mind; strong point for mental emotional local luo point
SI 8** local local earth point
SI 9** local local often needled higher than the classic CAM location; can be found by palpating around lateral edge of scapula
SI 10** local local yang weir and yang qiao cross here
AcuPoint Functions Indications Special Notes
SI 11*** facilitates lactation; important local point to clear channels and decrease swelling and pain; pain in the shoulder; insufficient lactations with SI 1 for insufficient lactation
SI 12** local local GB, TW, BL, and LI all cross here
SI 13** local local local
SI 14* local local Amy believes it is a very good point for local stagnation
SI 15* local local Amy believes it is a very good point for local stagnation
SI 16** local tinnitus; stiff neck; loss of voice window of sky point
SI 17** local difficulty hearing; difficulty swallowing; sometimes goiter; tonsillitis window of sky point
SI 18* local trigeminal neuralgia; facial paralysis; toothache in upper jaw LI 4 can also be a good point for toothaches
SI 19*** benefits hearing tinnitus; difficulty hearing; jaw problems like TMJ; otitis media local

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