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Spleen Indications

AcuPoint Functions Indications Special Notes
SP 1*** benefits the SP and regulates the blood; stops bleeding when the weak SP is not holding the blood; contains the blood; sedates the mind for excessive chatter in the head (over thinking insomnia) any kind of bleeding, especially uterine (mostly from deficiency); watery, thin, scanty menorrhaghea; bleeding of GI tract (most common places for SP related bleeding); mental diseases (SP over thinking); continuous nose bleeds; blood in stool; dream dist Kapchuk says it is good for people who have no boundaries; LV 1 is for people who have very rigid boundaries; often moxaed; sometimes bled
SP 2** local used for fever because the ying spring point; used locally for gout, foot pain, and cold feet; fire point; tonification point, not used clinically as such
SP 3*** benefits the SP; eliminates damp; not a primary point for edema, but used adjunctively HA from damp; stomach or gastric pain; abdominal distension, usually due to damp; sluggishness damp feeling; mental obsessions (can't let it go), cloying kind of thing, like emotional dampness; deficient type constipation or diarrhea source point; shu stream point; more tonifying than SP 2
SP 4**** regulates the SP and ST; regulates penetrating vessel (chong); supports (moves) the ST and SP; reduces qi stagnation; invigorates blood; stops bleeding from accumulation of blood (masses and lumps); very moving point; regulate menstruation; pacify the ST; fullness in chest and abdomen; great point for stomachache; acute and chronic enteritis; vomiting; endometriosis; ammenorrhea (stuck type); intestines like a drum; abdominal pain and distension; LV invading the SP; borborygmous; couple of yin wei; severe luo point; master point of the chong mai; yellow emperor discovered this point; used with SP 4 for stomach pain and also PC 6, CV 12, ST 21, ST 34; with PC 6 for ST, HT, and gyn problems like tenderness, emotion - this is a chong mai pattern;
SP 5* local edema; diseases of ankle and surrounding soft tissue; metal point; dispersion point
SP 6**** big yin point; big GYN point; strengthen SP; spreads the LV qi; benefits the KD; helps movement and transformation of SP qi; transforms qi stagnation in lower jiao; regulates blood; moves blood and eliminates stasis; nourishes blood yin and qi; stops pain diseases of reproductive system; distension or pain in abdomen; diarrhea; hemiplegia; neurasthenia; eczema; urticaria; deficient and weak conditions of SP and ST; borborygmous; poor digestion; irregular menstruation; almost any reproductive system problem 3 yin crossing; contraindicated in pregnancy; with ST 36, BL 17, BL 20 to tonify blood; with a yin qiao use KD 6; with HT 7 for over thinking insomnia; ST 27, BL 52, BL 23 for male repro issues
SP 7* local local local
SP 8** harmonizes blood and regulates uterus; transforms blood stagnation; moves blood, therefore stops pain and removes obstruction in channel; moving point because a xi cleft; moving to lower abdomen, especially for stuck blood stagnation, not stuck qi stagnat irregular menstruation; dysmennorhea; irregular menstruation; edema of the legs or abdomen; nocturnal emissions; stuck food; emotional stuckness with LI 4 for dysmennorhea from stagnation also SP 4, ST 29, CV 6, BL 32, LV 3 - CV 4 if deficiency; with CV 12, ST 34 for stuck food; Peter believes that SP 8 is better for qi stagnation than SP 10, which really moves blood stagnation
SP 9**** transforms damp; benefits the lower burner; regulates the SP; regulates waterways; tonifies SP yang as it regulates the waterways; distension and pain of the abdomen; ascites; retention of urine; incontinence of urine; irregular menstruation due to damp; knee pain; edema; diarrhea with undigested food; pain in the genitals; main diuretic point with CV 9; main point for leucorrhoea; d water point; with GB 26 for leucorrhoea; with SP 6 for damp heat; SP 3 is not a diuretic point, but SP 9 is
SP 10**** cools heat in the blood; invigorates the blood (moves blood stasis); clears blood heat; blood cooling and clearing point; all skin diseases (especially redness and itchiness); irregular menstruation; dermatitis; menstrual and uterine bleeding disorders (from heat in blood); with LI 11 for clearing heat in the blood; with ST 36 and LI 11 for anemia - better for moistening the blood rather than building qi to build blood
AcuPoint Functions Indications Special Notes
SP 11* local local local
SP 12* local local local
SP 13* local local local
SP 14* regulates SP qi; secondary point for chronic deficient diarrhea similar to ST 25 yin weir crosses here; with CV 8 and St 25 for diarrhea
SP 15** local local local
SP 16* local local local
SP 17* local local local
SP 18* local local local
SP 19* local local local
SP 20* local local local
SP 21** strengthen the sinews and the bones general body soreness; excess in the luo vessels grand luo point

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