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Stomach Indications

AcuPoint Functions Indications Special Notes
ST 1* expels local eye wind and fire; one of the best points for sties; great for local fire; conjunctivitis; sties; often used with BL 1 for eye problems; prone to bruising
ST 2*** eliminates local wind; clears vision; clears the nose facial paralysis; spasms; trigeminal neuralgia; sinusitis (especially maxillary or ethmoid sinusitis) local
ST 3** dispels wind; reduces swelling; stops pain rhinitis; facial paralysis; trigeminal neuralgia in this area; upper toothache LI and yang qiao cross here
ST 4** expels local wind; clears channels; facial paralysis; trigeminal neuralgia; excessive salivation; difficulty closing eyes; herpes; gum ulcers LI, CV, and yang qiao all cross here
ST 5* local local problems; parotitis; lock jaw local
ST 6*** disperses wind; opens channels; benefits teeth and jaw lower toothache; mumps; TMJ; grinding of teeth; facial paralysis; with LI 4, ST 36 for dental pain; with TW 17 and LI 4 for mumps
ST 7** dispels wind and clears collaterals upper toothache; TMJ; TM arthritis; otitis media; tinnitus; earache; pus in ear; GB meridian crosses here
ST 8*** dispels head wind; sedates fire in upper part of face and front of head; frontal and damp HA; psychosis if phlegm misting; facial paralysis; major HA point for frontal and vertex HA; other for dizziness especially with damp involvement; Meniere's disease (qi defic with damp) GB and yang wei cross here; with PC 5 for psychosis with phlegm missing problems; with GV 20 for dizziness
ST 9** regulates blood and qi going to head; benefits the throat; regulates high or low blood pressure; good for hypothyroid blood pressure local
ST 10* local local local
ST 11* local local local
ST 12* local local local
ST 13* local local local
ST 14* local local local
AcuPoint Functions Indications Special Notes
ST 15* local local local
ST 16** local mastitis; insufficient lactation local
ST 17 local local local
ST 18** sometimes regulates LV qi as it affects the breast; more of a regulatory action on lactation than ST 16 (close to LV meridian and influences flow) breast problems; mastitis; local
ST 19** regulates the middle; harmonizes the ST; stomach ache; vomiting; gastritis (stuck food); upper abdominal distension local
ST 20** local local local
ST 21*** harmonizes ST stomach ache; stomach ulcers; gastritis; nervous stomach; nausea; vomiting; secondary back up support point used with CV 12 used with CV 12 for stomach problems
ST 22** local abdominal distension; lack of appetite local
ST 23* local local local
ST 24* local local local
ST 25**** regulates the function of the intestines; regulates qi and eliminates stagnation in the abdomen; regulates menses with stagnation; very regulating and moving point all intestinal problems; constipation; gastritis; abdominal distension and stagnation; diarrhea; constipation; low back pain as related to constipation; vomiting; colitis; blood in stools; front mu of the LI
ST 26* local local local
ST 27*** male sexual problems spermatorrhea; premature ejaculation; inguinal hernia local
ST 28*** dispels damp; clears and regulates fluid pathways; cool damp heat; benefit bladder; any genital inflammation; pelvic inflammatory disease; damp heat in lower warmer UTIs; menstrual and fertility problems related to dampness with BL 27 for damp heat; with BL 52 for male sexual dysfunction
ST 29*** removes blood stasis in uterus; warms the womb; blood and cold stagnation in the uterus irregular menstruation; orchitis from blood or cold stagnation; endometriosis; inguinal hernia with BL 27 and BL 52 as above
ST 30** harmonizes the ying and blood; nourishes jing; diseases of the reproductive organs; external genitalia pain female or male; retained placenta chong mai passes through here; sea of nourishment point
AcuPoint Functions Indications Special Notes
ST 31*** invigorates qi and blood in legs paralysis of the lower limb; atrophy and blockage of the muscles of the thigh and buttock if at least the thigh is involved; from knee down this point does not do as much
ST 32* local local local
ST 33* local local local
ST 34*** pacifies the ST; clears the ST channel gastritis (stomach); mastitis (meridian); diseases of the knee (meridian); excess and hot ST problems; stuck food (needle against the flow of the qi) xi cleft of the ST meridian; with CV 12 for ST pain;
ST 35*** disease of the knee and surrounding soft tissue local moxa on head of the needle is good; can go deep
ST 36**** main point benefits the ST and SP; main point tonifies Qi and blood; regulates ying and wei; regulates the intestines; regulates the repro system; one of few points that builds qi and blood; major point for building wei qi; major point for digestion; main gastritis; ulcers; enteritis; all digestive problems; shock; mania; hypertension (defic type); allergies; hay fever; asthma; cough (defic type); neurasthenia (nervous exhaustion); nausea; vomiting; abscess breasts (channel problem); insufficient lactation with BL 43 for serious fatigue used with SP 6 and CV 6 for building of qi and blood and strengthening the digestion; for digestion can also add CV 12 as well as BL 20; can use ST 31 to help with hemiplegia; frequent moxa here increases longevity; from hea
ST 37*** regulates intestines and stomach; clears and cools damp heat from the intestines colitis; and problem in the large intestine; abdominal pain or distension; diarrhea; appendicitis; dysentery like disorder (a damp heat disorder; hemiplegia lower he sea of the LI
ST 38** local perifocal inflammation of the shoulder; frozen shoulder; limited ROM; good local point local
ST 39** dispels damp and heat; regulates stomach and in intestines acute or chronic enteritis; paralysis of lower limb; mastitis in some books lower he sea of SI; sea of blood points used when "the person feels bigger than they are"
ST 40**** transform phlegm and dampness; calms the spirit; clears phlegm in the lungs all phlegm situations; coughing; asthma (excess or deficient, but with phlegm); abundant mucous; phlegm nodules; damp HA with tight band around head; vertigo; swelling of the limbs; any significant swelling; luo point; with ST 8 for damp HA; with PC 5 for mental confusion; with LU 5 for phlegm in the chest
ST 41** opens up foot and top of ankle; disease of foot and soft tissues; good distal point on the ST meridian; local
ST 42** local local source point; exit point
ST 43** clears heat form the face (ST 44 better) facial edema; conjunctivitis with heat shu stream; with LI 6 for facial edema
ST 44*** very cooling; cools and drains heat from the stomach; treats head and face heat; clears heat from the yang ming (stomach, large intestine, face (where yang ming meridians end up)); distal point for heat in the face upper toothache; trigeminal neuralgia; gastric pain; stomach heat from overeating; acid reflux with heat involved; hot diarrhea and constipation; sore throat and tonsillitis combined especially when combined with digestive symptoms; gum disorders; pain in ying spring; water point; with LI 4 for bleeding gums
ST 45** clears heat; calms the spirit tonsillitis; febrile disease with heat; toothache (bleed); facial inflammation; distal point for any yang ming face problems can bleed the point; ST 44 is a better cooling point

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