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Triple Warmer Indications

AcuPoint Functions Indications Special Notes
TW 1* disperses fire; revives consciousness; fever local local
TW 2* local pain and swelling of the fingers one of the baxie points; Amy believes that the TW channel is underutilized
TW 3*** facilitates circulation of qi in channels; benefits the ear; main distal point for ear problems; tinnitus; deafness shu stream; with TW 17 for ear problems
TW 4** local pain and diseases of the soft tissues of wrist in TCM source point; is used in JA for chronic KD deficiency because the TW carries the pre-natal qi around
TW 5**** relieves exterior; facilitates circulation of stagnant qi in channels; very strong distal point on the channel (not including ear problems) common colds (disperse); high fever (shao yang - half in and half out); tinnitus; temporal migraines; lateral stiff neck; hemiplegia (because master point of yang wei); pain in joints; controlling point for the hand and opens up qi circulation to the hand master point of the yang wei meridian; paired confluent point of dai mai
TW 6*** opens the intestines intercostal neuralgia; constipation; shingles (herpes zoster); skin disorders with GB 34 (with dampness) for intercostal neuralgia; GB 41 when a pathway problem; with KD 6 for dry constipation (float the boat) and SP6 to help moisten; with GB 34 for shingles as well as the mu points LV 14 and GB 24
TW 7* local local local
TW 8** clears the yang channels of the arm - LI, SI, TW pain in the arm involving all three arm meridians; pain in forearm inhibiting movement meeting point of three upper yang meridians
TW 9* local local local
TW 10** lymphatic swelling in the neck with colds or not; diseases of the soft tissue of the elbow local
AcuPoint Functions Indications Special Notes
TW 11* local local local
TW 12* local local local
TW 13* local local local
TW 14*** main point for shoulder joint pain local with LI 15 for shoulder pain;
TW 15** local local usually what you grab at the back when you find GB 21
TW 16** swelling around neck tinnitus; deafness; lymphatic swellings around neck window of sky; with TB 10 for lymph swelling; Kiiko uses it for immune problems and calls it east wind and wind can invade here
TW 17*** benefits hearing and vision tinnitus; parotitis; locked jaw; facial paralysis; most important local point for ear; dizziness involving ear problems GB crosses here; with TW 3
TW 18* local local local
TW 19* local local local
TW 20** local parotitis; toothache; tinnitus SI and GB cross here' rarely used
TW 21*** opens ear; disperses heat as relates to ear; ear problems with heat tinnitus; otitis media; pus in ear; temporomandibular joint problems LI 11, TW 17 for heat in the ears
TW 22* local tinnitus; locked jaw; check for TMJ local
TW 23** local local local

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