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Acupuncture Theory - Chinese Style (TCM)

Traditional Chinese Medicine(TCM), as it is in modern China, is a glorious trinity made up of acupuncture and moxibustion, tui-na massage, and herbal medicine. At it's foundation is a deep theory of the nature of the world and its relationship to the human body. It is this theory that is the basis for TCM's diagnostic and treatment strategies. The best place to start is on the most influential theory to chinese medicine, that of the tai ji or yin-yang.

The Theory of Yin and Yang
Four Properties of Yin & Yang
Application of Yin Yang Theory To Body

The Theory of Five Elements
Application of Five Elements to Zang Fu

The Zang Fu/Organs
Zang/Yin/Solid Organs
Spleen   Lung   Kidney   Liver

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