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Overall Ranks - Raw Scores

These are the overall rankings for the Acupuncture Schools Survey. The first tab (Overall) are the rankings only including the schools with a stastistically relevant sampling. The second tab is the raw scores per school. There were a few ties, and you will see why when you look at the raw scores. Hopefully later I can list all the schools that were not stat significant.

Overall Rankings Raw Scores

Acupuncture School Survey Rankings

SchoolRaw Score
Oregon College of Oriental Medicine52.77
Southwest Acupuncture College48.12
New England School of Acupuncture47.38
American College of Acu. and Oriental Med.47.10
Bastyr University47.07
Five Branches Institute46.61
Tri-State Institute of Traditional Chinese Acu.46.60
Pacific College of Oriental Medicine: Chicago44.78
Texas College of Traditional Chinese Medicine44.69
Academy of Chinese Healing Arts, Inc44.32
Academy of Oriental Medicine44.26
International Institute of Chinese Medicine43.32
Emperor's College of Traditional Oriental Medicine42.55
Pacific College of Oriental Medicine: San Diego42.38
Pacific College of Oriental Medicine: New York40.43
Midwest Center for the Study of Oriental Medicine40.40
Samra University of Oriental Medicine39.37
South Baylo University38.49
Mercy College37.11
National College of Oriental Medicine36.52
Maryland Institute of Traditional Chinese Medicine33.23

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