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Overall Ranks

These are the overall rankings for the Acupuncture Schools Survey. The first tab (Overall) are the rankings only including the schools with a stastistically relevant sampling. The second tab is the raw scores per school. There were a few ties, and you will see why when you look at the raw scores. Hopefully later I can list all the schools that were not stat significant.

Overall Rankings Raw Scores

Acupuncture School Survey Rankings

1. Oregon College of Oriental Medicine - Portland, OR
2. Southwest Acupuncture College - Santa Fe, NM
3. New England School of Acupuncture - Watertown, MA
4. American College of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine - Houston, TX
5. Bastyr University - Kenmore, WA
6. Five Branches Institute - Santa Cruz, CA
6. Tri-State Institute of Traditional Chinese Acupuncture - New York, NY
8. Pacific College of Oriental Medicine: Chicago - Chicago, IL
8. Texas College of Traditional Chinese Medicine - Austin, TX
10. Academy of Chinese Healing Arts, Inc - Sarasota, FL
10. Academy of Oriental Medicine - Austin, TX
12. International Institute of Chinese Medicine - Santa Fe, NM
13. Emperor's College of Traditional Oriental Medicine - Santa Monica, CA
13. Pacific College of Oriental Medicine: San Diego - San Diego, CA
15. Pacific College of Oriental Medicine: New York - New York, NY
15. Midwest Center for the Study of Oriental Medicine - Racine WI
17. Samra University of Oriental Medicine - Los Angeles, CA
18. South Baylo University - Anaheim, CA
19. Mercy College - Dobbs Ferry, NY
20. National College of Oriental Medicine - Orlando, FL
21. Maryland Institute of Traditional Chinese Medicine - Bethesda, MD (closed)

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